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Content Offers
Learn how to engage customers with a free booklet or web cast content offer.

Choosing the "right topic" is the secret. We recommend the use of a strategically chosen “topic” for your "content offer" that will attract visitors to your site to take advantage of the offer and "register" with you at the same time. The "topic" is often an informational piece on a current controversy or an innovative new use for an existing product or service with high ROI. Sometimes a paper on how to calculate ROI for a particular product or service can be a content offer by itself. Sometimes it can be a Software Guide, Product Guide, Network Guide or Best Practices paper. Once there, the prospect must be engaged in the "registration process" which we recommend be as simple as asking for an email address before permitting download of a pdf file [or other fulfillment instructions] to your sales prospect. We can not only help you determine the appropriate topic for your content offer, but also help you create the offer.

A little self promotion is always allowed. If you provide truly definitive information on a current topic of interest to your target group the readers will often accept a little promotion of your product relative to your competitors. But this needs to be handled carefully. We once wrote a Storage Architecture Guide content offer – that resulted in millions of dollars of orders including a [single] $650K order that happened with very little Sales Department Involvement. The customer happened to be a reseller searching for a product line in the client’s competitive market, and the procuring team was pre-sold based on the credibility or our written arguments in favor of our client's products. This was done after our objective review of our client’s competitors.

The tone of any follow up communication is key. We can also help you craft appropriate language for your initial response to a prospect using our Intelligent Customer Engagement™ [ICE] process. There is a fine art in communicating with Web visitors who have registered to get a paper of interest to them. YOU CAN'T BE TOO PUSHY. Rather a polite acknowledgement email is the best way to go.

Increased site traffic boosts your Organic SEO. A strategically optimized content offer not only sells product through increased "registrations" [sales leads] after the prospect has been engaged, but it can also increase your organic [natural] SERP ranking.

Put informational selling to work for you.- The use of informational selling [i.e., "content offers"] to drive [qualified] buyers to your Website is major trend in marketing today. Thus it is particularly important that marketers understand the latest buyer behavior and vendor behavior relative to his trend in demand gen marketing. In a major study7 conducted among technology buyers and vendors by KnowledgeStorm, certain trends became clear. In fact, you may want to read the links in the footnote below and give us a call, or just send and email, "tweet" or "twit".


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