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Technical Editing Sample

Content Offer
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Professional web specification

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1.) Web Page Layout and Interactive Design Spec

2.) An Annotated Pubs List & CD Specifies pdf Download Samples

3.) Interactive Design for Conversion Analytics using an Onsite Email Link

4.) Current Page Changes Deletions - Modifications

5.) Graphic Spec

6.) Main [Top] NavBar Buttons & Drop Down Menu

7.) Main [Top] NavBar Home Page [Landing Page] Specs

8.) Services Home

9.) Web Design Home

10.) Campaigns Home

11.) Content Offers Home

12.) Whitepapers Home

13.) Best Practices Home

14.) Software Guides Home

15.) Product Guides Home

16.) Network Guides Home

17.) Business Plans Home

18.) Sales Tools / Sales Training Home

19.) Technical Editing Home

20.) Customers

21.) Contact Us

22.) HTML Tags and URLs

23.) Left NavBar Specs

24.) Install Google Analytics and Awstats in HTML Source

25.) There are 3 On-Site Content Offers

26.) There are 2 CDs with Download Files for the Site


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