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Turning “Paid Ads” into “Free Ads”
BMI Business Marketing Institute

May 17th, 2011

Generate demand for your products with our unique SWO and ICM processes.

Our 11 Marketing Services Client Experiences
Client Comments and Customer Success Stories with using’s 11 integrated marketing services

"As with your customer test, the customer feedback we received was really good. They liked our new "PBM Guarantee" a lot and said it really got their attention. Also we feel that the design is smooth and not cluttered. Good work."
- Edgar Cabrales, Chief Executive Officer, PBM Inc.

"Thank you for the Website makeover and our business expansion launch into four new markets. You were totally professional to work with and finished the project on-time and on-budget. This was in spite of the unexpected "custom code" lock-in problem we experienced with our prior Web Hosting provider when it came time to migrate the site."
- Eric Kipp, Business Owner

"You've been awesome guiding me through this process and I know in the long run it's going to make all the difference in the world now that you have overcome our initial SEO deficiencies."
- Nick Drobac, Director, The Clean Oceans Project

"We are delighted with our Website makeover and [ten supporting] Google AdWords campaigns using Google AdSense technology. The project paid for itself within the first month of advertising and we will forever have a strong recession-resistant advantage."
- Harald Lars Lohn Co-owner, KaBeeLo Lodge and Resort.

"We followed the Strategic Website Optimization™ process and Integrated Campaign Marketing Optimization™ processes closely. Now that we’re close to achieving the “promised land” of high organic SERP rank, our competitors must be wondering how we did it. Spend away boys! See you at the bank."
- Sr. Consultant, Director of Global Marketing Services!

"In the fine photographic arts business it’s important to have credibility with a professionally done Website. Our Website design project and online ad campaign did just that."
- Chris Egan, CEO, ArtVisions Hawaii.

"The strategic front end work to our Website Design project identified not only important keywords to support our word of mouth strategy with an SEO-optimized site, but also our positioning as a Co-op Corporation - which was the perfect differentiator from our larger telecom competitors."
- Phillipos Hailemichael President and CEO, PalmCall Inc.

"We loved the “Web Design Coaching Service” and can recommend it to any small business wanting to monetize their Website. The following steps in the SWO™ process were particularly eye-opening for us as a [previously] non-Web-savvy small business: Initial Consultation [Step 1], 7 Key Questions [Step 2], Web Research [Step 5], Keyword Analysis [Step 6] and HTML Tags [Step 9]."
- Phil Reed, Director of Sales and Marketing, Road Ramp Systems Inc.

"I love your professionalism and dedication to helping us perfect how we present ourselves and challenge us to look at various options from a fresh prospective. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to continuing to work together."
- Patrice Glover Vice President Operations and Marketing, PalmCall Inc.

"David, please thank Jim for me on this - his additional notes were VERY helpful."
- Malcolm Muir, Senior Competitive Analyst, Global Marketing Hitachi Data Systems.

"We were delighted with the Website research, strategic planning and customer success story online copywriting and Web Design that you did for us."
- CEO, Bentek Corporation.

"I am very happy with the excellent document that resulted from applying the Strategic
Report format to our annual business plan."
- CEO Semiconductor Processing Corporation.-

"Having a high quality document like the Hitachi Freedom Storage™ Software Solutions Guide makes it much easier to express our position to both prospects, customers and analysts that we have world class software solutions."
- Marlene Woodworth, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Marketing and Operations, Hitachi Data Systems Corporation -

"Our sales people just love the competitive feature comparisons and say they were invaluable competitive knock offs."
- Marcom Manager for a major international corporation -

"The Storage Architecture Guide is required reading for anyone interested in
understanding today's storage architectures," said David Vellante, respected
storage industry analyst and president of ITCentrix, Inc. of Still River, MA. "It provides
a consistent framework for evaluating DAS, NAS and SAN and contains very current
not previously published information. I found the Storage Architecture Guide to be
informative, technically correct and cogently written"

"We survey sales people periodically on the usefulness of all our collateral material
and they (Strategic Reports) constantly get top marks"

"Our sales people just love the competion feature comparision and say it was invaluable competitive knock offer."

"Thank you very much for the fine job you did on the new Software Solutions Guide.
This is the best customer level document that I have seen come out of our company.
It is evident that many hours of hard work went into it."

"We have been extremely pleased with the benefits we have received from our
series of solution guides. The first one helped us promote our technology market
segment and the second helped with our product sales. We are also doing solution
guides for key vertical markets to show exactly how our technology is applied to
deliver business benefits to our customers."

"The first report received extremely favorable reviews during the internal approval
cycle. We are quadrupling the initial print run because of this. We have also ordered
two additional architecture guides for other business units."

"The report helped us pre-empt the market by being first with our product and
achieving thought leadership among both analysts and prospects. The report clearly
explains our product's advantages by comparing them to major competitors in a
factual technical and convincing manner."

"It is very exciting to see such a high quality brochure which details our software
based solutions at this time. This document goes a long way to helping a customer
understand our solutions, and provides a consolidated document that can be left
with customers for their review. Having a high quality document like this makes it
much easier to express our position that we have world class solutions."

"The Product Guide sold a half million dollar order before the prospect even talked
to a sales rep."


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