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Network Storage Controller


FC-SAN vs. E-SAN Guide

This report was prepared for 3ware Corporation of Mountain View CA a development stage company that was "first to market" with an innovative product in the hot market segment of Storage Area Networks [SANs] based on Ethernet instead of Fibre Channel. The report contains over 60 pages with 33 color illustrations, 14 tables, cover page, title page, and back cover. It was designed to take the mystery out of the many alternative engineering initiatives of Ethernet based SANs today and demonstrate the technical correctness and cost effectiveness of the 3ware Network Storage Unit [NSU]. It increased product awareness, market awareness and company awareness for 3ware and will be useful as a sales and marketing promotional tool for the intended seven target audiences. The FC-SAN vs E-SAN report objectively discusses the advantages of and Ethernet based SAN [E-SAN] compared to current SANs based on Fibre Channel [FC-SAN].

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