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Turning “Paid Ads” into “Free Ads”
BMI Business Marketing Institute

May 17th, 2011

8 Steps to Optimizing Integrated Campaign Management

Our 11 Marketing Services

Marketing Services offers 11 marketing and advertising services with strategic planning, written processes and integrated campaign optimization.

Pardon us - but we don't just churn out marketing deliverables without a business strategy front-end and a creative brief to check that your business and IT strategy align with your marketing automation systems. We think it's a waste of your money and our time. Like your car, your business needs to have all systems run together for the common goal of safe and direct navigation to where you want to go. For marketing deliverables, a creative brief is the best way to avoid problems down the road.

Go Slow to Go Fast - We've developed an 18-step process, shown in the figure below, which might take a little more time up-front, but can vastly increase your project ROI. Like in sailing and many other endeavors, having a winning strategy will always result in the "fastest time to the mark".

Integrated Marketing Communication and Campaigns - Please forgive us for our Web-centric thinking but we’ve written Best Practices Papers such as the one to your left - that we believe is the first formal written Web Design and Campaign Optimization process. Whether its our Web design service, integrated campaign planning service, business planning service, or our copywriting services for sales tools, whitepapers, best practices guides, solutions guides, or our technical writing, technical editing or marketing research services, we want to help you make sure your marketing

1. Initial Consultation 7. Landing Page URLS 13. Strategic Keywords
2. Proposal 8. Web Design Specs 14. SEO / PPC
3. Seven Key Questions 9. Html Tags 15. Social Media Plan
4. Creative Brief 10. Web Page Copy 16. Launch
5. Web Research 11. Graphics 17. Analytics
6. Keyword 12. Interactive Design 18. Dial In

systems all fit seamlessly together. In this way we can best support your customer acquisition and retention processes and of course, your sales and profits. Helping you perfect a system to intelligently engage and retain new and profitable customers is not only our vision, but also our commitment to you.


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