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Research, strategy, writing, and editing business planning services. Get a free plan outline.

We’re a team of professional business consultants, IT professionals, strategic planners and expert business plan writer(s), who offer a wide variety of business planning services, from a Web-centric perspective. We believe that our “sweet spot” - “Website Monetization” is a fundamental building block for the marketing section of any business plan. We can help you stay ahead of the all important trends to Internet and marketing automation, by putting a Search Engine Optimization plan [such as we offer with our Campaign Optimization Service] into the Marketing section of your five year business plan. We recommend that this plan should be based on the same strategic planning, business strategy, and strategic marketing processes that we offer in our other marketing services.

A General Systems Theory [GST] and Business Process Management [BPM] Approach – Whether you need to create a business plan for a Internet marketing company or an on-premises software company, or you’re with a start-up company looking for business plans components - we can help you. We can help you develop advertising plans, business proposals, Internet marketing plans, product development proposals, strategic plans, merger proposals - all with our unique General Systems Theory [GST] AND Business Process Management [BPM] based approach.

We Give Business Plan Readers A Realistic Multi-disciplinary View - Without getting too theoretical, we take a realistic multi-disciplinary view of your business ecosystem and processes and help you orchestrate a complex set of variables to win in your market(s). Our processes are based on Von Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theory [GST] which is an interdisciplinary study of complex systems that uses a “framework by which one can analyze and/or describe any group of objects that work in concert to produce some result”. Our papers on Optimizing Integrated Campaign Marketing and the paper we wrote for IBM on complex software design are good examples of our integrated GST and BPM approach. IBM’s P8 software platform is a leading edge multidisciplinary integration of complex ECM, BPM, BI and GRE software [Click here for the IBM White Paper and our paper on Optimizing Integrated Campaign Marketing] stresses the importance of a holistic interdisciplinary approach to e-marketing today. To design and create an eco system of humans and technology, the IBM software incorporates interdisciplinary concepts from linguistics, cognitive psychology, mathematics, motivation theory, computer science, learning theory, physics, and informatics.

We scale-down our Large Enterprise Business Planning Process to “Your Size” Business - Whether you business is a global enterprise, a small business or a start-up, we have the business planning services, business consulting services, business development experience, and integrated promotional campaign processes to help you win in your markets. Whether it’s Web marketing expertise of copywriting skills, we help you develop an integrated business plan targeted to your specific needs. Whether you need to update an existing five year plan or develop from scratch a business plan and Venture Capital [VC] presentation that includes engaging the VCs with an elevator pitch, we can help. What’s more, we are often willing to work for sweat equity and founder stock [given the right circumstances of course].

All the Samples and Tools you Need - We have formal written marketing processes and all the tools you need to succeed with your strategic planning needs. Our business plan examples, outlines, and formats [such as the samples to your left], are designed to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences and the “skim reader” and “detailed reader” alike. Our experts can either help you write your business plan, coach you through the process, provide a sanity check, or find someone who can provide missing subject-matter expertise. Our experienced MBA consultants “know how" to write a business plan, do market research, do competitive research, target marketing, prospect segmentation and develop winning business strategies. Our team of experts in all business functions helps with the rest.

A ‘Business Plan Coaching” Service for “Do-It-Yourselfers” - For business executives desiring to learn from us and drive our processes in-house, we offer a "Business Plan Coaching” Service that is designed for the “do-it-yourselfer” and uses the clear documents, templates, processes and samples on our Website. When you think about it, in today’s Web Centric environment, designing a Website is similar to writing a business plan. We use our front end SWO™ and ICM™ Optimization processes as shown in the graphic [Processes #1-8], as the same steps for our Business Planning Service. In fact you can click on the links below [or on the graphic] to go directly to samples of the deliverables we provide for these first important steps.

Step 1 - Initial Consultation
Step 2 - Proposal
Step 3 - 7 Key Questions
Step 4 - Creative Brief
Step 5 - Web Research
Step 6 - Keyword Analysis

Why do a Creative Brief for a Business Plan? - Well, for one reason we think it’s a huge mistake if you don’t take a marketing-centric view to business plan writing. This is because business plans are also sales presentations designed to persuade a target audience into making certain commitments. Whether your target audience is your bankers, your VCs, your employees, your peers, or a combination of all of these constituencies, you should start your business planning process with a Creative Brief. For this reason, we ask our clients to do some homework and take the first cut at carefully defining everything from target audience to the message they want to deliver. We can’t emphasize how much more smoothly this makes the business plan creation process flow and how much money it saves our clients. In fact, when you compare us to our competitors, you may find yourself preferring our “all cards on the table” approach with the plethora of written marketing processes and clear examples of deliverables for each step of our business plan service – including the homework we assign.

We’re Also Good at IT System Integration Planning! - Although other firms talk about helping you with integrating your business plans with your marketing automation IT systems and software platforms such as CRM, we’ve actually written papers on IT integration such as the 94-page ECM, BPM and Compliance Software Solutions Guide we did for the IBM / FileNet P8 software platform. By the way, we consider the IBM P8 platform to be state of the art because it better integrates content, process and compliance management than Oracle, EMC, HP or Microsoft. So if your writing business plans that expect marketing productivity and business productivity that’s ahead of your competitors, we recommend you consider IBM. We don’t think you can go wrong.

Let Us Give You a Business Plan Proposal - Although there are number of Business Plan specialty firms, we like to think that our clients will tell you that we add our own innovative and strategic marketing twists to the process. Whereas large consultancies may offer more total services than we do, we can assure you that they are probably not as integrated in their planning and are also going to cost you’re an “order of magnitude” [10x] more for a business planning engagement.

A Full Line of Complimentary Business Planning and Marketing Services - To learn more about the other marketing services we provide please click on: Web Designs, Campaigns, White papers, Best Practices Guides, Software Solutions Guides, Networking Solutions Guides, Business Plans, Sales Tools, Technical Editing.


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