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Step 15 - Sample Social Media Proposal

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Inside Address Date
Subject: Social Media Proposal
This letter proposes to begin your social media marketing campaign by using your Blog as a starting point. We will then
expand to other forms of social media but the blog is a good way to increase site stickiness and thus improve your organic
search rank.

About Social media marketing According to Wikipedia, social media marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. The number-one advantage is generating exposure for the business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. In the context of Internet marketing, social media refers to a collective group of web properties whose content is primarily published by users, not direct employees of the property (e.g. the vast majority of video on YouTube is published by non-YouTube employees).

A Get Started Proposal for Blog Content – 10 hours – What is proposed here is to invest 10 hours in increasing traffic to [insert client’s name] by helping the [insert client’s name] blog become more active with more robust content such as the addition of the YouTube video of today.

a) A key part of ongoing SEO effort is providing unique, dynamic content to the website that has the highest value to the search engine algorithms that determine organic SERP rank. Search engines are always trying to discriminate one website over another in the same category and it does this through checking its popularity i.e. through the number of back links [as we discussed in #2 above] AND also the unique content on its site and the traffic to the site. At the end of the day, the search engines are designed for users and they want to give their users the best relevancy and also push the best sites to them.

b) Search engines often measure this through the unique content it has on its site by spidering for articles, blogs, news content and any other relevant info. Remember also Google also monitors the ‘traffic level’ which are invisible to us. They do this by monitoring the activity on their search engines through the billions of searches done every month. They can actively track the number of users visiting a specific website (i.e. Google analytics) for particular keywords and check the bounce rate of users to that site. In this way, they can gauge if the website is of particular relevance to the users looking for those keywords.

c) From the information above we can see that one needs to create and maintain a website that has some “stickiness” to the site [i.e., people come to the site and stay on the site longer than competitors For example if Google has determined that your site can engage an audience for 1 ms more than say another competitive website, then you have a clear advantage. However, remember there are many other parameters to be taken into account.

d) The way forward, therefore is to have blogs with relevant linked content that generates traffic, which compliments traffic being achieved through PPC advertising. To this end we will spend 10 hours collaborating with Hal and Jim and act as the [insert client’s name] blog moderator. At the end of the 10 hours, [insert client’s name] can determine whether to continue this service or to have Hal or a staff member perform this function. In this way blog traffic will hopefully increase through the dissemination of existing articles, interesting links, topical events, provide users feedbacks and update content frequently to the website. The blog moderator will also delete posts by hackers etc.

e) The work will also include a Blog Kickoff email to all email addresses in [insert client’s name]’s customer list that will announce the blog existence, the new site and services and encourage patrons to post their experiences. [The blog user generated content –UGC will be individually addressed to prevent the list from being known to anyone outside the company].


The work proposed here will not only increase the organic SERP rank for [insert client’s name] but will also [if pursued on an ongoing basis] eliminate much future need for paid search advertising.


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