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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process


Step 2 - Sample Proposal Letter

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Inside Address

Subject: Web Site Strategy, Design and Copywriting Proposal

This letter contains the “[select fixed or variable bid]” proposal you requested today. Our virtual team of experts will work with you and [insert appropriate persons] and other members of your team to create the [insert company name].com Website. The Website will be created along the lines we discussed today with at least [insert number] pages total with [indicate number] pages targeting [indicate target 1 i.e., consumers] and three pages targeting [indicate target 2 i.e., distributors] that will require login not available to [target 1]. We will work with you to complete Steps [insert steps in the process to be addressed e.g. 1 through 5 or 1-12 etc] as described on our Website at As we complete each step in the process, we will provide deliverables for each step that will be customized to [insert client name] copy and we will focus Web Design on the optimal use of keywords for [insert organic SEO and/or PPC]
[Insert name of Project Lead] will work with [insert name of client Project Lead] and [insert name of graphic artist, Web master etc] to create a “one-picture-says-it-all” graphic for your Home page in the [insert description of graphics style e.g., geographic telecom style] that we discussed. The style and look of the site should be similar to the [insert reference]. [Insert name of graphic artist, and the project leads] and I will also work to create a second “one-picture-says-it-all” graphic for your [target #2] Home page that will be keyed off the short term and long term [insert graphic idea e.g., ROI food chain pie chart graphic] that we discussed. It’s important that people get the idea immediately. [Insert other requirements for specificity such as [“Page 2 will be a one page white paper that will be based on input from you CTO and VP Engineering”].
We envision copy to go through three revisions [Rev A, B and C] and the layout of the white paper to be rendered using [specify InDesign, etc] by [specify page layout person] with [specify layout requirements [e.g. NavBars, drop down menus, sidebars etc]. We will also create a Management Team page which [insert copywriter] will create based on the resumes of your team. I also understand that you have registered the domain name and that someone else is doing the [insert 3rd party contracted elements such as Logo design etc].
I estimate a total cost of [insert $ amount or hours] for our part with [insert subcontractor amounts such as rendering and page layout] being extra - and between you and [insert subcontractor if client is using his own people]. As we discussed today, we can kick the project off with a 50% retainer [insert amount]] this [insert date] with the balance due upon completion with [insert terms such as “Due on Receipt of Invoice”] for the second 50% payment. Please consider this proposal to also be an invoice for the 50% retainer should you find this proposal satisfactory. Sincerely Yours,


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