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Our Strategic Web Optimization™ Process


Step 4 - Creative Brief Template

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Attitudes/Beliefs/Objections of the target audiences
[Describe type of target] buyers, currently believe that [describe current beliefs and customer mindsets the creative will be dealing with]. This often results in [describe usual problems resulting from current prospect mindsets e.g. consuming manual reports to management, wasted money, operational inefficiencies, etc. [Describe other things about the buyers or users of the class of product, service being marketed with the creative piece.]
The communications strategy will be to [describe the strategy e.g. to lead from the client’s perceived technical leadership and present TCO and business/IT alignment solutions] to the prospective [describe type of] buyer and [describe type of] user.
Toward this end, the [describe the client creative vehicle being developed] will:
• Bullet
• Bullet
• Bullet.
Behavior of the target audiences
[Describe the behavior of the target audience relative to purchasing the client’s type product or service] Most [describe buyers] purchase [describe product type] from [describe customary purchase channels]. Each [insert type of product] has its own set of [describe features of purchase decision]. The [insert type of product] differences often result [describe usual result of product purchase]. There is resistance among the target audiences due to [describe resistance].
The tone of the piece will be [describe e.g. friendly, authoritative technical etc and will have a look and feel similar to [describe similar types of project result e.g. Website, brochure etc] that will [insert “be consistent with” or “create for the first time”] the [client] look and feel for the [project result e.g. Website] and other [client] creative sales and marketing material.
Unique Selling Proposition
The key messages to convey in order of declining importance are [describe in bullets:
• Bullet
• Bullet
• Bullet
Key messaging and benefits
To overcome the objection [describe likely objections by the target customer], the [describe project result e.g. brochure Solutions Guide, Website] will point out that [describe strategy to overcome the objection]. The [result of the project] will therefore focus primarily on the [describe advantages of client’s product] compared to competition as shown in Table 1.
1. List
2. List
3. List
4. List
2 of 2
As a result of the emphasis unique [client products, services, or solutions] the [project result e.g. Website, brochure poster etc] will not be [describe what detail will be left in appendices other places]. However, comprehensive lists of all [describe the detail that will be left out e.g. operation detail] will appear as [describe where the detail will appear e.g. Intranet, appendices, white papers etc.]
[Describe form of Proof e.g. customer case histories, ROI calculations, list of financial benefits] will be used accordingly to give a real world flavor and proof of the [Insert client’s company name] selling propositions to the document.
Continuity Hook
A [describe continuity hook e.g. questionnaire, registration link, Webinar offer] will be included to involve customers and prospects in the specifics of the buying process and thus encourage continuous customer engagement and retention.
Communications vehicle, execution and creative considerations.
The project will be executed in [insert number of] phases:
Phase 1 – Phase 1 of the project will be the creation of the [describe project result –e.g. brochure, Website, TV ad etc] including copywriting, illustrations, and project management services. Deliverables will include [describe elements that compose the project result e.g., copy, artwork, interactive design, HTML, PPC/SEO campaign etc] including [describe the elements in technical creative terms e.g. the preparation of the CD with label, images in tiff, JPEG and eps format, database with connectors to a Linux CRM system etc.].
Content will include the [describe the elements required to be in the content]. The longevity of the [describe project result e.g. Website, Solutions Guide etc] will be expected to be [describe time] and will be updated [describe periodicity of updates] thereafter.
Phase 2 – The [describe elements of the result e.g. “messaging and illustrations keywords, HTML etc] will also be used in [describe other uses for the elements e.g. brochures, posters, partner sites, data sheets etc]. The [describe output format e.g. printed copies of the Web pages] will be used by sales and marketing personnel to [describe the other uses e.g. enhance the market awareness programs by creating credibility with potential partners]. The [describe result e.g. Website] will also serve as a sales tool and for channel training. The [describe elements e.g. copy and graphics] are expected to also be used in the creation of white papers and PowerPoint presentations.
Call to Action
The desired prospect behavior is for the [insert type of] buyer and [define type of] users to present the unique financial benefits of the [define type of] product to the [define type of] buyers that will:
• result in competitive advantages by [describe how]
• create new revenue streams by [describe how]
• lower TCO by [describe how]
• minimize risks by [describe how]


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